Jul 1 2013

Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD RS232 interface Board

Introduction to Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD

The RS-232C communication board FX1N-232-BD (hereafter referred to as "232BD") is connected to the FX1S/FX1N Series PLC basic unit, and available for the applications described below.

1.1 Features of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD
1) Port to transfer the data using the non-procedure method between diversified RS-232C equipment.such as personal computer, bar code reader and printer
2) Port to transfer the data using a dedicated protocol between an RS-232C equipment
3) Port to connect a programming tool

1.2 Outside dimensions and name of each part to Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD


The communication connector of the 232BD is the D-sub, 9-pin socket type. The table below shows the pin arrangement.


Pin No. Signal Meaning Function
1 CD Receive carrier detection Turns ON when carrier for data receive is detected.
2 RD Receive data input Receive data (RS-232C equipment to 232BD)
3 SD Send data input Send data (232BD to RS232C equipment)
4 ER Send request Turns ON when RS-232C equipment becomes ready for receive.
5 SG Signal ground Signal ground
6 DR Send enable Turns ON when send request is given to RS-232C equipment


1.3 System configuration of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD

For the system configuration, refer to the FX Series Communication User’s Manual offered separately.


Installation of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD



2.1 Installation procedure of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD
Make sure to turn off the power before installing the 232BD.
A) Communication board 232BD (function expansion board)
B) Connector for optional equipment
C)M3 screw to fix board (2 pieces) (offered as accessories of board)
D) Top cover for board (offered as an accessory of board)
E) M3 screw to fix top cover (offered as an accessory of board)
Note: This screw cannot be removed.
• Plug the communication board A) in to the connector B).
• Fix the board to the basic unit with two M3 screws C). (Tightening torque: 0.3 to 0.6 Nxm)
• Remove the top cover of the basic unit, and attach the top cover for board D) instead.
During attachment, remove D)’ with a nipper, etc. so that the connector of the board is exposed.
• Fix the top cover with an M3 screw E). (Tightening torque: 0.3 to 0.6 Nxm)
• When the FX1N-5DM is used also, refer to the handy manual offered with the FX1S/FX1N Series PLC main unit.
• Only one function expansion board is available for one FX1S/FX1N Series PLC basic unit. Never stack up two or more function expansion boards. (Even if they are stacked up, they do not function at all.) 


Specifications of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD

3.1 Environmental specifications of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD
The environmental specifications are equivalent to those of the PLC main unit. (Refer to the manual of the PLC main unit.)


3.2 Power supply specifications of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD
5V DC, 20 mA is supplied as the power from the PLC.

3.3 Performance specifications of Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD

Transmission standard In conformance to RS-232C
Maximum transmission distance 15 m maximum
External equipment connection method D-sub, 9-pin type (pin socket: manufactured by JST Mfg.) with JES-9P-2A3A lock metal (inch screw thread type)
D-sub 9-pin Layout 1: CD 2: RD(RXD) 3: SD(TXD) 4: ER(DTR) 5: SG(GND)
6: DR(DSR) 7, 8, 9: NC (not used)
LED indicators  
Communication method Half duplex, bi-directional
Protocol Non-procedure, dedicated protocol 1 procedure, dedicated protocol 4 procedure, protocol for programming tool
Isolation No insulated


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USER'S MUNUAL PDF of Mitsubishi communication board FX1N-232-BD:



FX1N-232-BD -1 FX1N-232-BD


Specification of Mitsubishi communication board FX1N-232-BD:

Product Name Communication Board
Fit for Mitsubishi FX1N PLC
Model NO. FX1N-232-BD
Connector Type RS232C DB9 Male Plug
Voltage DC 5V
Current 20mA
Max.Transmission Distance 15M
D-sub 9-pin Layout 1:CD;2:RD(RXD);3:SD(TXD);4:ER(DTR);5:SG(GND);6:DR(DSR);7,8,9:NC(not used)
Material Plastic, Metal


Description of Mitsubishi communication board FX1N-232-BD:

  • Port to transfer the data using the non-procedure method between diversified RS-232C equipment such as personal computer, bar code reader and printer.
  • Port to transfer the data using a dedicated protocol between an RS-232C equipment.
  • Port to connect a programming tool.
  • RS232C interface boards for Mitsubishi FX1N, anti-static and anti-surge.
  • This is OEM product, not Mitsubishi original part.


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