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Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD RS232 interface Board

Introduction to Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD


The communication board FX2N-232-BD for RS232C (hereinafter referred to as “232BD”) can be connected to the main unit of the FX2N Series programmable controller, and used as the port for the following applications.
(1) To perform data transfer between RS232C devices such as personal computers, bar code readers and printers.
(2) To perform data transfer using the dedicated protocol between RS232C devices. For details of the dedicated protocol, refer to the users manual of the FX-485PC-IF.
(3) To connect a programming tool.
And when the 232BD is used for the application (1) or (2) above, the communication format including the baud rate, the parity and the data length is specified by the parameters or the contents of the special data register D8120 of the FX2N programmable controller.
Only one 232BD can be connected to one base unit. Accordingly, the 232BD cannot be used together with the FX2N-485-BD or the FX2N-422-BD. When two or more RS232C units are required to be connected for the application, use the special block for RS232C communication.


1.1 EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS of Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD
Dimensions : mm (inches) Accessory : M3 self-tapping screws ´ 2, mounting bracket ´ 2



TERMINAL LAYOUTS of Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD

The connector is a 9-pin D-SUB type, and the pin configuration is as shown below.


Pin No. Signal Meaning Function
1 CD(DCD) CD(DCD) ON when carrier is detected for data reception
2 RD(RXD) Receive data Receive data (RS232C device to 232BD)
3 SD(TXD) Send data Send data (232BD to RS232C device)
4 ER(DTR) Send request Signal requesting preparation for data sending to RS232C
5 SG(GND) Signal ground Signal ground
6 DR(DSR) Send enable Shows RS232C device is ready to receive
7,8,9 NC No connection


SPECIFICATION of Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD

3.1 General specification of RS232 interface PLC comunication Board
General specifications is same as those for the FX2N series programmable controller.

3.2 Power supply specification of RS232 interface PLC comunication Board
5 V DC, 60 mA is required from the programmable controller.

3.3 Specification of RS232 interface PLC comunication Board

Transmission standard Conforming to RS232C
Transmission distance Max. 15m
Connector 9-pin D-SUB type
Pin layout of connector 1:CD(DCD) 2:RD(RXD) 3:SD(TXD) 4:ER(DTR) 5:SG(GND) 6:DR(DSR)
7,8,9:NC(No connection)
LED indicators RXD, TXD
Communication method Half-duplex communication system
Protocol Programming protocol, dedicated protocol (format 1 or 4), non protocol
Isolation No isolation


3.4 Related flag and data registers of RS232 interface PLC comunication Board

Diagnostic   devices Operation
M8121  Data transmission delayed (RS instruction)
M8122  Data transmission flag (RS instruction)
M8123  Finished receiving data (RS instruction)
M8124  Carrier detection flag (RS instruction)
M8126  Global flag (dedicated protocol)
M8127  On demand handshake flag (dedicated protocol)
M8128 On demand error flag (dedicated protocol)
M8129  On demand Byte/Word flag (dedicated protocol)
M8161  Selection of 8 bit operations for applied instructions
ASC, RS, ASCI, HEX, CCD (RS instruction)
Diagnostic devices Operation
D8120  Communications format (RS instruction, dedicated protocol)
D8121  Local station number (dedicated protocol)
D8122  Amount of data to be transmitted (RS instruction)
D8123  Amount of remaining data already received (RS instruction)
D8124  Data header <default STX (02H)> (RS instruction)
D8125  Data terminator <default ETX (03H)> (RS instruction)
D8127  On demand head device register (dedicated protocol)
D8128  On demand data length register (dedicated protocol)
D8129  Data network ‘time-out’ timer value (dedicated protocol)


3.5 Communication format D8120  of Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD
To send and receive the data between the RS232C unit using the 232BD, the communication format including the
transmission speed (baud rate) and the parity must be consistent between the 232BD and the RS232C unit.
The communication format can be set using parameters or the contents of special data register D8120 of the FX2N programmable controller. Make sure to set appropriately the communication format in accordance with the RS232C unit used. For the setting method using the parameters of the FX2N programmable controller, refer to the manual of the peripheral unit used.
Make sure to turn off the power of the programmable controller and turn it on again after modifying the setting.


*1 Set to “0" when using the dedicated protocol.
*2 Effective only when no protocol (RS instruction) is selected, and has an initial value of STX (02H: Can be modified by
the user).
*3 Effective only when no protocol (RS instruction) is selected, and has an initial value of ETX (03H: Can be modified by
the user).
*4 Set to (b11, b12) = (1, 0) when using the dedicated protocol.
*5 Set to “0" when using no protocol. 


3.5.1 Example program of setting of Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD

The control line is set by b12.
b12 = 0 : No hardware hand shaking. Send and receive are controlled by software protocol.
b12 = 1 : Hardware hand shaking. Signal lines ER(DTR)and DR(DSR)are used to control send and receive of data.



WIRING of Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD

To connect the 232BD to RS232C device use an RS232C cable. Make sure that the shield of cables is connected to
ground (100 W or less).
The connector of the 232BD is 9-pin D-SUB (see Section 1.2 and Chapter 2). The connections of RS232C devices
varies with each device being used. Check the specification of the device, and connect.
4.1 Connection examples
4.1.1 Terminal specification device
of RS232 interface PLC comunication Board



4.1.2 Modem specification device of RS232 interface PLC comunication Board



4.1.3 When programming or monitoring of Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD
Use F2-232CAB-1 and 25-pin D-SUB to 9-pin D-SUB adapter or make a suitable cable.


CAUTION for using Mitsubishi FX2N-232-BD

1) When programming tool is connected the 232BD, do not use any other communication format or parameters. If communication format or parameters is set, programming is not possible.
2) Only one programming tool (such as FX-10P, FX-20P, etc.) should be connected to either the programming port or the port provided on the 232BD. If a programming tool is connected to both connectors, the following may occur.
a) The program inside the programmable controller may not be consistent with the program inside the programming tool. If the program is modified or the set value for the timer or the counter is modified, a part of the program may be damaged and the programmable controller may malfunction.
b) When the sampling trace function of the programmable controller is used from both ports, the correct sampling trace result cannot be obtained.


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USER'S MUNUAL PDF of Mitsubishi communication board FX2N-232-BD:





Specification of communication board FX2N-232-BD:

Product Name Communication Board
Fit for for Mitsubishi FX1N PLC
Transmission Stanndard Comforing to RS232C
Connector Type Male 9 pin D-SUB
Voltage DC 5V
Current 60mA
Max.Transmission Distance 15M
D-sub 9-pin Layout 1:CD;2:RD(RXD);3:SD(TXD);4:ER(DTR);5:SG(GND);6:DR(DSR);7,8,9:NC(not used)
Material Metal, Plastic


Description of communication board FX2N-232-BD:


  • Port to transfer the data using the non-procedure method between diversified RS-232C equipment such as personal computer, bar code reader and printer.
  • Port to transfer the data using a dedicated protocol between an RS-232C equipment.
  • Port to connect a programming tool.
  • RS232C interface boards for Mitsubishi FX1N, anti-static and anti-surge.
  • This is OEM product, not Mitsubishi original part.


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